Double Layer Offer Bin

Double Layer Offer Bin
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Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Length (mm):
Shelve Level:
Decking Material:
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CWH Double Layer Offer Bin is the same offer bin as Single Layer Offer Bin, with additional level below for storage of items. It provide an economic solution to display products during roadshow, push carts or clearance events. It can be fully dismantle without the needs for tools or bolts & nuts. Upon installed, it can be fold for easy safekeeping and reuse for future events. For long-term storage, CWH Single Layer Offer Bin can be complete knock down, utilizing  smaller storage.

CWH Double Layer Offer Bin

Height(mm): 800

Depth(mm): 600
Length(mm): 1200
Level: 02
Decking Material: HDF board cw Top White Laminated Board
Finishing: Epoxy Powder Coated
Color: White (Standard)

(Special color is available upon request). Please email your enquiry to cwh@cwh.com.my for more details.